To overcome the damage caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers so as to increase the soil fertility, soil productivity, Shiva Crop Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. has invented Bhu-vardaan an organic fertilizer and Silwin.


It is completely made from natural organic material which helps in making the soil fertile and also helps in maintaining the soil as a purely organic fertilizer useful for intensive fertility for a longer period.

Bhu-vardaan iorganic cropping pattern. It is highly effective, economical and eco friendly product for soil application. Bhu-vardaan is fortified with all important soil microbes.

The structure of Bhu-vardaan is useful for the soil conditioning and it having a slow degradation rate so that it is used in the growth of plant



It strengthen cell wall and increase leaf area and there by facilitates the process of photosynthesis.

Its gives rigidity and toughness to leaves and there by prevents attack of suck

It enhances flowering, reduces fruit drop and protect from sun bath.

It gives better colour and luster to produce and thereby increase market value of product.