Humistor Gold has been in wide demand for the major features of it. It consists of 80 % Humic acid + Fulvic acid and 10 % potassium. Widely appreciated for 100% organic matter. It has a non-toxic and environment friendly effect. An important part of fertilizer program it efficiently acts as an effective fertilizer magnifier. The crystal form is widely used by farmers and increases the soil productivity & Premier source of organic carbon.



1.Improve soil texture & white root developments. Increases soil buffering capacity & reduces soil erosion.

2.It brings about overall vigorous growth of plant.

3.Fertilizers will be absorbed & utilized much more effectively in the presence of Humistor Gold.

4.Humistor Gold plays an important role in ensuring better germination, vigorous & healthy growth and profound flowering. This helps in high production.

5.The microbial population increased because of Humistor Gold application converts the stubble and crop residues to organic carbon (Humus) at much faster rate.

6.Humistor Gold helps neutralize soil toxins & tie up heavy metals in the soil.

7.It reduces nutrient losses. Neutralizes pH value.

8.Humistor Gold increases microbiological activity of soil.

9.Humistor Gold stimulates plant growth, plant enzymes & cell division in plants.

10.Improves nutrients uptake through root system and acts as organic catalyst, increases yield and quality.

Chemical benefits of using Humistor Gold

1.Buffering properties of soil has manifold increase.

2.Chelates metal ions under alkaline condition.

3.Provides essential ingredients to plant growth, both organic and mineral.

4.Works according to needs of the plant, releasing water soluble inorganic fertilizer in the root zone.

5.Ion-exchange capacity is very high.

Biological benefits of using Humistor Gold

1.Plant enzyme stimulation.

2.Organic catalyst provider.

3.Soil micro-organisms like algae and yeasts are provided with simulation that helps in their growth and proliferation.

4.Formation of roots and its respiration is increased.

5.Lengthwise growth of roots is stimulated.

6.Promotes the uptake of nutrients by increasing the permeability of plant membranes.

7.Vitamin contents of the plant are increased.

8.Root and subsequently plant growth is accelerated by increased rate of cell division.


Seed Treatment : 500 gm / 250 kg of seeds.

Drip -Soil Application : 500 gm to 1.5 Kg / per acre.

Foliar Spray Application : 100 gm / 200 Liter of water.

Mixed with Other Fertilizer : 2 % of total blend mixture.