1.Royal Amixture helps in providing micro nutrients to the crop and it is 100% water soluble.

2.It reduces dropping of leaves, flower, fruits and helps in increasing the quantity of fruits & flowers.

3.Royal Amixture helps in fulfill the lacking of micro nutrients in to crop and increases the yield.

4.It increases the resistance power of crop against the fungus and bacteria.

5.Royal Amixture helps in increasing the quantity of primary and secondary nutrients.

6.It protects the greenness of crops.

7.Royal Amixture helps in growth of crops.

8.It helps in making the fruits and flower in equal size and more attractive.

9.Royal Amixture makes fruit heavier and increases quality.

10.Royal Amixture helps in maintaining the colour and taste of fruit.

Recommendation (Per Acre)

For Drip: – 500 grm.

For Spraying: – 0.5 grm to 1 grm in 1 liter water.