1.Royal Zain is available in 100% chellated EDTA form and which is used for fast recovery of Zinc.

2.Royal Zain useful for the healthy growth and increases the yield of crops.

3.It plays the important role in biological and physical process of the crop.

4.It helps to create the ANNA (Alfa Neftaline Acetic Acid) in vegetables. This plays important role in the fruit or flower induction by the cells-division and also increases length of grapes bunch.

5.Royal Zain increases the speed of photosynthesis process and creates the Chlorella which helps in food intake of crops.

6.It helps in increasing the resistance power of the crop.

7.Royal Zain helps in increasing the oxidation process as well as the metabolism process.

8.It works as oxygen in growth stage of crop.



Recommendation (For all Crops Per Acre)

Through Drip: – 500 grm.

By Dipping: – 0.5 grm per 1 liter with water.